UG_IO SimSys SNODE 3D Node Data File Type

An SNODE file contains a list of node coordinates and a node spacing function. No connectivity between the nodes is assumed.

 { [ ( X for node 1,
       Y for node 1,
       Z for node 1,
       S for node 1 ),
     ( X for node 2,
       Y for node 2,
       Z for node 2,
       S for node 2 ),
     ( X for node Number_of_Nodes,
       Y for node Number_of_Nodes,
       Z for node Number_of_Nodes,
       S for node Number_of_Nodes ) ] }

 Number_of_Nodes : Number of source nodes.
 S		 : Node spacing function for each node.

In the above description, the parentheses ( ... ) are for grouping, the brackets [ ... ] enclose items in a loop, and braces { ... } enclose items in a single logical record.

The spacing function, S, must be greater than zero at each node. The data may be written out or read in using records the length of loops or of the individual data items. Data items may be written out in free format of any specific form. SNODE files must be formatted ASCII.

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