An unstructured AFLR mesh generation and geometry system for CFD applications.


Documentation for SolidMesh is avaliable for users, along with that for other related SimSys Software. Documentation is provided with all installation packages. If SolidMesh is installed on your computer or at your site or if you have a login on the SimSys Forum then the following means of access are avaliable.

  • From a srcipt file using the command line entry simsys_doc. This script will open a browser to the correct local location on your computer or site. This method uses only locally accessible files and no external internet connection is required.
  • Open a browser directly to the local location at file://[installation_root_directory]/doc/system/index.html where [installation_root_directory] is specific to your installation. For example if [installation_root_directory] is /usr/local/simsys then the correct location is file:///usr/local/simsys/doc/system/index.html.
  • If you have a login on the SimSys Forum then documentation is also avaliable on the internet at the SimSys Forum. Follow the link on the top left on the main Forum page labeled Simsys Software Documentation.