SimSys Software - Registration

The SimSys Software Forum provides users of CAVS CFD SimSys software a means to ask questions, submit enhancement requests, and report any bugs they find in the software. Any and all users are encouraged to register. Certain users may also be granted permission to download the software from the forum. The information required to request download access is described below.

Access to SimSys software is determined on a case-by-case basis and may be requested during registration or by modifying your profile after you have registered. The request should include a short description of the research project, requirements, and who you work for and/or with on the subject research. Only a single user per site needs to request download permissions. However, multiple users at a site may do so if needed. Download access is only provided to permanent employees of a given institution. All non-permanent University personnel, such as Visiting Researchers, Post-Doctoral Researchers and Students may not request download access and must instead have their Faculty Advisor or Supervisor register and request download access. Commercial companies requesting access for Government Use work must separately have a representative of the respective government agency request access for them via email to the appropriate contact. We use that information primarily to document our assistance to various government efforts.

SimSys software is subject to various Licenses, including Open, Research, Government Use, and Restricted Licenses. Access for non-government work is evaluated separately. We are generally unable to distribute our software outside of the USA due to export restrictions.

Inquiries related to AFLR or BLOOM should be directed to David L. Marcum. Inquiries related to Loci or CHEM should be directed to Edward A. Luke.